Kyoto INN Gion


Rest your body and soul at our hotel,
after exploring the famous historical sites in Kyoto.
We offer you a relaxing place just like home.


We dedicate ourselves to support your stay and be your “home away from home”.




Our front desk staff is available round the clock in order to respond to our guests’ request any time of the day.
We offer Free Wi-Fi, safe deposit boxes and luggage storage space.

All our rooms are equipped with an air-conditioner, flat-screen TV, refrigerator, multifunctional toilet, pajamas, hairdryer, electric pot, plus other amenities.
Our simple but adequate breakfast will give you a good start of the day.




Kyoto INN Gion has an outstanding location inside Higashiyama-ward which has many historical sites and is located among the famous “Gion” Geisha district.
You may have a chance to take a glance at the alluring Geishas as you stroll through the alleyways.

京都インギオン2号館Kyoto INN Gion the Second

「悪縁を切り 良縁を結ぶ・・・」

In September 2017, we opened Kyoto INN Gion the Second near Hanamikoji – Gion’s main street – to provide guests with an even more convenient stay.
If you are interested in ancient townscapes, archaeological sites, or walking tours, this is another perfect spot for you.



We organize various unique events for our overseas guests, such as Gion walking tour, Tea Ceremony etc.
Enjoy the unrivaled charm of Kyoto that can only be experienced in this ancient capital.


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