Kyoto INN Gion京都インギオン1号館


Located on the corner of the Higashioji street and Shinbashi street, Kyoto INN Gion is an 8-minute walk from Gion-Shijo Station, a 7-minute walk from Higashiyama Station.
It is just 2 minutes to Yasaka-jinja shrine and Chion-in temple, 3 minutes to Hanamikoji and 10 minutes to Pontocho by foot. Our hotel is surrounded by numerous sightseeing spots for truly one of the best locations in Kyoto.

  • モデレートダブル - Moderate Double -
  • デラックスツイン - Deluxe Twin -
  • モデレートツイン - Moderate Twin -
  • スーペリアツイン - Superior Twin -


Kyoto INN Gion the Second京都インギオン2号館

「悪縁を切り 良縁を結ぶ」で有名な、


In September 2017, we opened Kyoto INN Gion the Second near Hanamikoji – Gion’s main street – to provide guests with an even more convenient stay.
If you are interested in ancient townscapes, archaeological sites, or walking tours, this is another perfect spot for you.

  • スーペリアダブル - Superior Twin -
  • モデレートダブル - Moderate Double -
  • モデレートツイン - Moderate Twin -



Breakfast, equipment rentals, and various other services are available at our facilities.
We can also organize anniversary events as well as other activities upon request.
Please feel free to contact the front desk.

  • アメニティ - Amenity
  • 朝食 - Breakfast
  • 貸し出しサービス - Rental Service
  • 書籍コーナー - Free book
  • コンシェルジュ - Concierge
  • 体験会 - Trial Session